The Yami eyewear brand is the bold brainchild of Swedish designers Marc Zacharoff and Viktor Ekelund. Identifying their own sense of style and quality as a fusion of contradictions, they found their aesthetic center of gravity at the minimalist intersection of Scandinavian and Japanese design. It’s no coincidence that the word yami is Japanese for darkness. It makes everything more interesting, while offering protection from bright light as well as intrusive eyes.


Conceived in Sweden, born in Japan. Yami is made of only the finest materials, fashioned and assembled by hand in Sabae, by some of the most skilled eyewear manufacturers in the world. The high-tech handicraft of our manufacturers allows us to create something new and extraordinary, based on centuries of skill and tradition. 


Our Sabae manufacturers combine deep-rooted traditional Japanese frame-making art with advanced technology and the typical Japanese work ethic known as monozukuri. Their professional pride and perfectionism define each step of the process, from cutting and crafting to polishing the final product. A pair of limited-edition Yami sunglasses is a product of unrivalled quality and unique personality. Strong, lightweight and timeless eyewear that will protect you from bright light and dull design.